4 Places To Use Business Graphics and Decals At Your Office

Same as with your vehicle surface, you should take a full advantage of your office space to promote your business and products. And any corner of your space can be strategically used to let your potential and existing clients know about the value you offer. On top of that, it should not be blatant or boring.

Decals and graphics to make your office space start working for you

Business environments don’t necessarily have to be so serious and monotonous anymore; you can take advantage of the building’s plain walls to decorate them with wall murals and custom vinyl graphics. And if you think this is a waste of money, today we’ll give you four reasons why branding and logo decals have definite benefits for the different office spaces.

Using your office space to promote your business

The Lobby

How about using this receiving/waiting area to let your visitors and customers know about your Mission Statement, for example? Or the values that your company stand for inscribed against a captivating background? That’s much more valuable than staring at some plant or a stack of magazines! Sharing your mission statement at the lobby will let people know what your company does and what values you stand for.

Decals on the floor can be also used to display your signage, image logo, or some ongoing offer. They are usually slip resistant, smooth, and durable.

The Conference Room

If you are lucky enough to work in an office with a conference room full of windows overlooking a beautiful landscape, then probably this one doesn’t apply. However, most conference rooms are deep inside the building and made of windowless walls, so why not decorate the space with large format realistic graphics? You can recreate a great view as if it were a window, or depict your company’s products or accomplishments, etc. Check every corner of the conference room and see where it would be most appropriate to place your visual messages.

Using your office space to promote your business

The Break Room

Your company may be full of happy workers, but everyone needs a place to rest and have a little rest, grab something quick to eat, or just clear their minds in between meetings. So why not help them relax during the day with a mural of a beautiful beach or a soothing forest scene? Eating lunch in a visually different environment from their workstations can go a long way in keeping your employees refreshed and ready to work through the afternoon.

The Hallways

Imagine how great a timeline of your company’s history will look along the hallway! Doing so can give your employees a sense of pride and inform clients of your history at the same time. Or you can leave this space open to the creativity of your own workers and do a contest to decide the best way to use custom decals on this otherwise blank space.

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