Driving Back to College

Big Dog Graphics_Trucks_39Going back to school is a mixture of feelings. For some of us, it can be hard. Not having worries about grades, schedules or major responsibilities, alarm clocks, traffic jam…we’ll miss the carefree vacation. On the other hand, it is always exciting to see friends, classmates and check out how much we have changed or what news we had to share. Going back to school is also an excellent opportunity to improve your car’s appearance, especially if you are driving an old looking junker and you are moving out to college.

Naturally, when starting college you need to stay on a low budget and boosting your car’s appearance does not come cheap. Nonetheless, you still have a chance to facelift your wheels in an affordable way and Big Dog Wraps knows how.

premium vinyl wraps - get a revamp to you car

Arrive in Style

Starting school or going to college for the first time can be challenging and could bring out our worst fears. It is a typical reaction. We are facing unknown environments and people.

It is useful to look around for a while before going into action. Ideally, driving around through the campus. Show yourself and let others see you, especially if you are riding around in a fresh, brand new looking car or motorcycle!

Now, a new car paint job is pretty expensive, but at Big Dog Wraps we have the best and affordable solutions for your needs and to bring your car back to life. We create high quality; custom designed vinyl car wrap graphics with an advanced printing technology, which means you get a premium, high-gloss finish that emulates a custom paint job.

premium vehicle wraps with style

Display Your Soul

You can show who you are, what you stand for and what your soul is all about, to the rest of the world, with our custom design car wraps. Have an idea? Excellent! Contact us right away and let’s make it happen.

If you are more of the classy, sophisticated style, we can wrap your ride with a fine full car paint job, and make it look posh! Or how about printing your free spirit on a creative and cool custom car wrap design?

Bring excitement this coming academic season, and drive a 10 with Big Dog Wraps. Happy school days!

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