Learn why a car wrap from Big Dog is better than a paint job


A car wrap is more cost-effective

There are pros & cons to either wrapping or painting your car. Normally a high-quality paint job will cost more than a high-quality wrap. A cheap paint job is never a good thing, and preserving original paint is something we value, so we definitely side with wrapping. While it might be “cheaper” to do an easy respray on your car for a change of color, it will ultimately damage the value and make it harder to resell down the line. A wrap can be removed easily; doesn’t run the risk of inconsistencies that come with a cheap paint job; and can potentially increase the resale value to prospective buyers if they plan on keeping it wrapped.

Car wraps 101: Let’s talk about the “life” of a car wrap

Truck wrap

When damage occurs to your wrap

There are a few courses of action we can take depending on how your wrap gets damaged, where the damage occurred, and how extensive the damage is. Worst case scenario, the wrap must be removed entirely, but more than likely we will be able to pull a section of the wrap and replace it with a new piece of film that was left over from your installation. Depending on the design or layout of your wrap and where the damage is located, we may also need to reprint graphics or simply patch a spot in. On the contrary, with a paint job, it takes much longer to fix the damage and the color may not end up looking exactly the same.

Car wraps 101: Learning about VINYL, the car wrap material


Big Dog Wraps & Graphics uses only the finest brand name premium types of vinyl in the marketplace. Our advanced printing technology means you get a premium, high-gloss finish that emulates a custom paint job. Our company is your source of high quality, creative and affordable vehicle wrap solutions. We create custom designed vinyl car wrap graphics that express our customers’ image, services and products, from small start-up businesses to large corporate franchises in Colorado Springs CO. Come check us out personally or contact us online for a free quote for your fleet graphics and wraps. We are located at 735 Park St. Unit F, Castle Rock, CO 80109. However, if you cannot come to us we’ll come to you. You can also call us at 303-353-1101. We will also help you along the rest of the process using only the best of materials.

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