Commercial car wraps’ incomparable exposure power

Car wraps are amazing alternatives for startups, small and big business to positioning their brand, products and services in their potential customers’ subconscious. Commercial car wraps are extremely efficient, accurate and affordable, becoming one of the most powerful branding methods.

Every business that runs efficient advertising campaigns, include car wraps on their commercial vehicle fleet, as they offer an incomparable opportunity to show to the world, what they have to offer. Business managers and advertisers had well understood that no other marketing strategy provides a higher ROI or return on investment than car wraps, because they last longer, reach a larger demographic range and are non-stop.

Car wrap’s exposure in numbers

Car wraps' exposure power!
Commercial car wraps

Every year, traffic surveys -in general- show that Colorado citizens find it harder and harder to drive on main streets, finding more traffic and spending more hours in their cars. It is stated that in average a Colorado driver could easily spend about 15 hours in their cars per week. However, they say that one’s hell is another’s paradise and when you drive a car with a commercial wrap everything changes.

When you wrap your business vehicle fleet with Big Dog Wraps, your cars become an advertising company on their own. According to the Federal Highway Transportation Administration, on average over 750,000 visual images are viewed by drivers and passengers of non-commercial vehicles each month. Imagine how that kind of marketing exposure can translate to your business success?

Vehicle wraps can’t be erased or ignored. They are 24/7, non-stop, cool, eye-catching and mobile advertising campaigns, reaching every occupant of the surrounding traffic. Whether they are listening to the radio, their iPod, or talking on the phone, our car wraps will make them a new potential customer.

Look for the perfect parking spot and make money

Probably when attending to a tradeshow or business meeting you will look for a nice shadow under a tree to park your car, or away from the others to avoid a dent or scratch. Nevertheless, when you have a Big Dog’s commercial wrap installed on your vehicle, you will be always looking for the most exposed parking space, so everyone can admire your cool, striking design.

Everyone at the tradeshow will know that your brand and business are participating in the event and the ones who don’t know you will immediately have a clear image of what your business is all about. It is a simple, but excellent strategy to boost your business. The longer it stays parked there, the better. Every running minute is another buck in your wallet. Contact Big Dog Wraps today, and learn more about our amazing products and services.

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