Park Your Car in the Perfect Spot and Make Money!

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Usually, when we are driving around Denver looking for the perfect parking space we are probably searching for a nice shadow under a tree. That way our car will be protected from the sun.


Vehicle wrap for business Colorado

Other possibilities that might sound attractive could be a parking space close enough to your destination so you don’t have to carry heavy bags for too long. How about, parking next to a police station? That way you can leave your car knowing no burglars will come anywhere near it.

However, when you drive your car with a Big Dog Wrap, everything changes! You will be looking for the most exposed, outdoor parking space that you could find. Somewhere everyone can admire your cool car wrap design.

It is not just a matter of showing off your ride, but an excellent strategy to boost your business. The longer it stays parked there, the better. Every running minute is another buck in your wallet.

The Power of Exposure of a Big Dog Wrap

When you wrap your business vehicle fleet with Big Dog Wraps, your cars become an advertising company on their own. Our creative marketing designs are so cool and accurate that people helplessly break their necks as our customers drive by. custom designed car wrap Colorado

A few years ago, a marketing and media research firm named Arbitron, conducted a national US random telephone survey to 1,505 Americans. The study stated that 70% of the people interviewed finds more traffic in the streets than last year, spending more than 15 hours per week in their car.

According to the Federal Highway Transportation Administration, on average over 750,000 visual images are viewed by drivers and passengers of non-commercial vehicles each month. Imagine how that kind of marketing exposure can translate to your business success?

All you have to do is call Big Dog Wraps and Graphics and we will create your unique, custom designed car wrap graphic that expresses your business image, services, and products. Contact us today for a free quote.

Vehicle wraps can’t be erased or ignored. They reach every occupant of the surrounding traffic whether they are listening to the radio, their iPod, or talking on the phone.

Our company is your source of high quality, creative and affordable vehicle wrap solutions. Get your original, high impact advertising designs with Big Dog Wraps. Look for that perfect parking space and start making money!