Prepare Yourself Before Purchasing a Family Car

There is a moment in life in which we all have to grow up. No matter how long we try to delay it, at a certain moment we have to take more responsibilities and give away a little bit of freedom.

We also have to start making decisions and accepting changes. For example, the fact, that instead of a cool sporty vehicle, we are going to have to buy a family car. Now, this doesn’t mean we can’t have a cool car. There are countless amounts of family car options out there, but priorities when selecting one might change.

This is why picking up a family car is not as easy as it sounds, especially if we consider the fact that in these days, families are way different one from each other.

In the following posts, we are going to share with you some useful tips and suggestions on what to consider and focus on, when selecting your new family car.

kinetic_restoration1Where to Begin?

Your very first thought when buying a new family car should be: What kind of family do I have? This question will help you pinpoint the kind of needs you and your family have and therefore, what kind of car could provide solutions to each of those needs. Then look for the best and most affordable car option.


Safety should be your primary concern. Your new car will be transporting you, your wife and children. Your grandparents might travel along from time to time and even one of your kid’s friends might join in at a certain moment. The level of safety your car provides is no joke.

Safety figures

It is always useful to search for the car’s Euro NCAP scores for crash safety, child, and pedestrian protection. You can find this information on the Euro NCAP website. Even when is fairly unusual that a car does not achieve a five-star rating these days, it is always best to check the figures and see how it scores.


Children should never ride on a car’s front seats. Nonetheless, it is very useful to purchase a car that allows you to deactivate the passenger’s airbag, when necessary. Especially when small kids are riding in front. Always remember to turn it back on, when an adult joins you on your journey.

family car wraps
Child Seats

This is an extremely important aspect to consider. It is a good idea to bring your child’s seat along with you when purchasing your new family car. How well it fits could make or break your decision.

 Extra Child Protection

There are lots of other child-friendly features you may want to shop around for, such as integrated sunblinds or UV-filtering tinted rear windows to limit sun exposure on long journeys.

Also, when driving kids in the car is virtually impossible to avoid spills and messes on your car seats. A dark-colored interior is much better at hiding the inevitable stains you’ll get with young kids. Leather is a very practical choice, as you can wipe it down.

Once you have finished evaluating the cars from your list, you can focus on the fun part, choosing its particular look, equipment, and accessories.

Follow us on our next post to find out, which is the best family car choice for you and your loved ones.

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