3 tips to help you with your advertising car wrap

There are many ways you can go with advertising. However, not everything that comes to mind is necessarily convenient or appropriate. The following tips may help you get a clear idea on three fundamentals that will take you down a long way.

Advertising and Marketing Solutions that Work - Car wraps

Determine exactly what you want to achieve

Think about something as basic as deciding whether you want more visits to your website or more foot traffic in your store. It’s very important to narrow down your message to something short and simple. Once you set your goal we can set the priorities for the design and place the most important elements prominently.  

Keep your design clean, and remember the 5-second rule

Most people viewing your wrap will not give it more than a few seconds of attention. Additionally, plus your vehicle may be traveling on the highway, so potential clients may just catch a quick glimpse as you pass by. The more information you put on a vehicle wrap, the longer it takes to get the message across. That’s the main reason why you should keep the design clean, and focus on one or two core things.

Use a template and take measurements

Vehicle templates are readily available to help you begin your design, but it’s also important to make your own measurements and evaluate the surface of the vehicle in 3D. It’s not uncommon for angular distortion in a template to have an impact on the final result, so be sure to study the lines of the vehicle, any handles, bars or angles that may affect reading must be taken into consideration when you design, and of course the size of the lettering must be legible.

 Building your brand car wrap


Get Premium Wraps with Big Dog professionals!

 At Big Dog Wraps & Graphics we can help you with your advertising vehicle graphic production from design and manufacturing to installation and removal.

Our experienced graphic artists will turn your sketch or pre-developed images into reality. We will also help you along the rest of the process using only the best of materials. Come check us out or contact us online for a free quote for your fleet graphics and wraps. We are located at 735 Park St. Unit F, Castle Rock, CO 80109. You can also call us at 303-353-1101.

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