Logo & Design

Logo & Design

Creating a brand for your business is no easy task. When first starting out, most companies aren’t thinking of their outward appearance and focus on getting customers and driving up revenue. It can be easy to put developing a strategic and captivating brand for your business on the backburner. However, developing your logo and company name design can help you garner more customers and create a personality for your business. As poor designs can quickly deter customers, you want to be working with an expert in business branding, like Big Dog Wraps and Graphics. 

Bring Your Business To Life

Any well-known or popular business has a robust online presence, and usually, the backbone of this presence is the branding. Developing color palettes, logos, and imagery that are indicative of your company is necessary if you want to bring personality to your brand. When you work with a business branding specialist, you can create a logo, slogan, and imagery that creates cohesiveness among all your marketing material and online platforms. Customers will then quickly associate your branding materials with your business, bringing them to life. Even a simple logo design can be effective at bringing personality to your company name. 

Convey Company Values

Every company needs values. These tend to be the foundation from which all your operations stem. Your core values are how you navigate customer and partner waters and what help you devise the best path forward for your business. If you are a business that focuses on simple and effective healthcare solutions, your branding needs to convey this through logo, graphic design alone. In this scenario, a simple logo with a soft, minimalist color palette works perfectly, such as a soft green plant icon just about to bud. 


When you work with a design specialist, they can help you brainstorm ideas and present you with different options to choose from to find something that will work eventually. 

Professional Design Services

Professional graphic design services are the necessary support you need to streamline your business’s branding. The designers at Big Dog Wraps and Graphics have experience creating captivating and unique logos, slogans, and company graphics that stand out and tell stories rather than solely provide your company name. Regardless of if your business is just planting roots and beginning its operations, or if you are trying to rebrand a long time family-owned business, we can work with you to create a plan for your brand’s future. 


With over 38 years of experience, Big Dog Wraps and Graphics has operated within the design, printing, and installation field, creating innovative and beautiful branding material for a wide variety of clients. As a family-owned business, we strive to inject honesty and discipline into all of our graphic design projects so that the finished product portrays a clear picture of who and what your company represents. 


Contact our outstanding customer service team today to bring your brand to the next level. Using state-of-the-art equipment and current software, our design team is prepared to handle your company’s future.

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