3M Paint Protection FiIm

3M Paint Protection Film

While you may want to keep your vehicle protected, it is sometimes easier said than done. Thankfully, 3M paint protection film can keep your vehicle protected from various threats like rocks, sand, tar, salt, and insects. By applying 3M paint protection film, you can preserve your vehicle’s appearance and value. 

Custom For A Perfect Fit

3M paint protection film is custom fit to your vehicle’s curves so that it hugs the surface correctly. There will be no noticeable coating present, but you will still receive a ton of protection. Many drivers who opt for DIY protective films or generic brands will often create bubbles on the surface and jeopardize the film’s efficacy. With 3M, you can rest assured this does not happen. 

Industry Leading Resistance

3M paint protection film is an industry leader in scratch and stain resistance while also standing out for extreme clarity. This film is the same film that NASCAR drivers use on their vehicles, providing protection even at 180 mph. You know you are making a sound investment by investing in the best paint protection film. Every day, your vehicle is exposed to tons of threats on the road that can damage its exterior. You can keep these threats from ruining your vehicle by choosing this film.

Professional Installation

Experts must install professional-level protection. At Big Dog Wraps and Graphics, we have the experience necessary to ensure that the 3M paint protection film is properly installed and fit to your vehicle so that no issues ever arise in the future. We take the appropriate steps to ensure your vehicle can remain protected by guaranteeing a snug, seamless fit.  


Contact us today to find out more about our 3M paint protection film. Soon, you will see why the professionals use this high-quality product.

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