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Vehicle Marketing Makes Sense

What’s the big deal with all these wraps? You see them everywhere, chances are we did those too. In today’s marketplace, getting your customer’s attention is harder than ever. With advertising becoming more and more expensive, and the return less and less, then we invite you to take a long, hard look at the power of BIG DOG Wraps. you create a mobile marketing device that never stops promoting your business. 

Did you know that the Federal Highway Transportation Administration estimates that on average over 750,000 visual images are viewed by drivers and passengers of non-commercial vehicles each month?

Why? They are a captive audience. Vehicle wraps can’t be erased or ignored. They can’t be turned off to remove them from view. They reach every occupant of the surrounding traffic whether they are listening to the radio, their iPod, or talking on the phone. They are large canvases that are colorful, exciting that demand to be viewed. Your vehicle provides a unique space belonging only to you and can deliver dynamic advertising to a diverse group of daily commuters. You can choose your vehicle wrap ad size and location. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your mobile marketing efforts.

Why choose us?

Here at BIG DOG Wraps & Graphics, our business is all about UNIQUENESS. Our customers demand uniqueness and return on investment. If you’re choosing your marketing solutions based on what you get in return, then we invite you to give us a try.

Our complete dedication to the success of your business is what makes us different. Our roots are in providing our customers with excellent marketing and advertising solutions. This translates directly to you our client with more provocative, well though out communication of your business, products and services.

Our Skills

IN HO-- USE DESIGN TEAM – Included! 100%
All Printing and Laminating – Included! 100%
Professional Installation – Included! 100%
Full Product Warranty – Included! 100%
30/180 day Workmanship – Included! 100%

Everything’s included! All your design fees, printing costs and installation are included. We don’t play games when it comes to your BIG DOG Wrap. No hidden gotcha’s, no after the sale “oh-by-the-way”.

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