4 Reasons to Wrap Your Car With Big Dog Graphics

Are you asking yourself, “Should I wrap my car instead of painting it?”

There are a few good reasons why your answer should be yes. Paint wraps come with a much cheaper price tag and has many benefits that paint can’t offer. But, paint quality can vary particularly Big Dog Graphics full vehicle paint wraps if you are looking for a lower price. Cheaper paints will look great at first, but within a few years, they will need to be redone. Big Dog Graphics will leave your vehicle with a finish you can admire for years. Here are just four good reasons to wrap vs. paint:

Resale Value

Car wraps allow you to keep the resale value intact from a devalued exotic color. If your company or preference is a bright, exotic color, it may not be your potential buyers favorite color. Having the option to keep your vehicle’s original factory color will allow you to keep your resale value intact.

Installation Time

Having your vehicle painted will leave you without transportation for up to two weeks or longer. When it comes to wrapping a vehicle, Big Dog Graphics can have your car wrapped and ready within days.

Every covered inch of your car in vinyl is protecting your original paint from inclement weather and natural hazards. This reduces rapid aging due to sun exposure so the paint will age naturally. Vinyl wrap is a very durable material and will act as a shield. So no more stone chips, abrasion, and other natural hazards!

Big Dog Graphics full vehicle paint wraps
Easy Maintenance

Vehicle wraps are remarkably easy to maintain – you can enjoy never having to wax again! – You just have to hand washing with soap and water for it to look brand new once again. Another valid way of caring for your car wrap is to employ a 70% alcohol onto a microfiber rag and wash away any dirt or smudges.

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