A gift much better, and affordable, than a new car

Have you ever seen a kid in front of a wrapped Christmas present? Sometimes the awe is all in the wrap itself more than the gift that’s inside… This is why we spend some time and effort for wrapping. Sometimes we even wrap a lil’ thing in a big heavy box. The mystery is part of the fun. But honestly, we run out of ideas. We turn to traditional, sometimes boring presents, and we give them year after year.

Here’s an idea: why not gift that special someone, with a fresh, unique car wrap? Now that’s a wrap worth every penny!

White & red mini car wrap sideWho wouldn’t want a new car for Christmas? I know I would. However, for most of us, it could be far-fetched to buy a new car, at least for now. Nonetheless, there is another option. Enhance your car’s appearance in an easy and affordable way with the awesomeness of a vehicle wrap! Your car can look brand new and as cool and mean as ever, with a hot, creative custom car wrap. Express your mind and soul and give your car that personal look you always dreamed of.


Why spend on a new car when you can make yours look better than new? 

Surprise everyone in your neighborhood and show off with a brand new looking car. Give yourself that Christmas present you deserve!

At Big Dog Wraps, we will make sure that your wrap is one of the finest vinyl wraps. We work with high-quality vinyl brands that are long-lasting while protecting your car original paint. Of course, if at any time you decide to change the wrap or go back to the original paint, you can totally do so with us!

cool vinyl car wrap

Cool gift for the teen on your list

How about surprising your teen daughter or son who has been pushing you all year for a car. There is no need to waste large amounts of money on a new car for your kids. Buy the safest and most affordable car you can find and leave the rest to us. Or a family car that everyone can use and make it look super cool.

Let us know your teen’s preferences and interests, we will make their dream car become reality. They won’t believe how cool dad is and will love you forever.

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