Applying Effective Frequency in Advertising

Every time we try to sell an idea, a product, service or a business brand, we wonder how effective are our marketing and advertising campaigns. It is truly frightening for anyone to consider the fact that their investments are not generating any results and all have been just a waste of time and money.

Even if you have a great idea or product, if you are not reaching your target audience, your brand is worthless and you won’t make any profits. “You might grow the best peaches in town, but if no one knows where to buy them, it is just like growing nothing at all.”

In the end, it is a matter of exposure and the more we are exposed to a brand or idea, the more we are going to like it.

Advertisers know that in order for potential customers to get to know, feel identified and finally decide to buy a particular product, service or brand; they need to be exposed several times, to the target audience. In advertising, this is called “Effective Frequency”.

effective frequency outdoor marketing with Big Dog WrapsThe effective frequency is the number of times a person must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made and before an exposure is considered wasteful.

For decades and even hundreds of years, researchers have been studying and debating on the subject.

Repeating The Message

In the advertising world, some believe that viewers will forget your message if you don’t repeat your advertising often enough. Herbert E. Krugman author of “The Impact of Television Advertising: Learning without Involvement” ensures that there are only three levels of exposure in psychological, not media, terms: Curiosity, recognition, and decision.

However, there is really no magic number for the “effective frequency” in advertising, but studies suggest that repeated statements are perceived as more truthful than statements made less frequently, “presumably because repetition imbues the statement with familiarity.” In simple terms: frequency breeds familiarity, and familiarity breed trust.

Similar studies show that repeated exposure to an opinion makes people believe the opinion is more prevalent, even if the source of that opinion is only a single person. So, not only do consumers remember a statement that gets repeated, but they are more likely to believe it, and think it is the popular opinion.

Advertising with Effective Frequency

Vehicle wrap graphics at Big Dog
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With our creative, accurate business designs, your message is sent repeatedly to a wide and diverse target audience, in different moments of the day, influencing potential customers. It is as easy as finding a perfect parking space and your brand will be exposed to everyone.

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