Buying a Used Car Without Getting Played

Buying a car is a tricky job. You need to be patient and careful in your decision. Purchasing a car can easily become stressful and tricky. Therefore, you need to take your steps with caution.

So, today we would like to focus on used cars. Like we mentioned before getting a car can be tricky, especially when purchasing a used model.

Nonetheless, with the proper care and pace, you can find excellent options in quality and budget, which fit your needs.

Getting Ready

Here are some basic tips and information we put up together at Big Dog Wraps, in order to give you some leverage when purchasing a used car.

Do Your Research

With so many car dealers and people willing to change their ride, the options of getting a used car are plenty. Therefore, it is useful to do research on price guides and compare similar cars in the classifieds. This way you can avoid being overcharged.

Make a list of reliable manufacturers and compare their prices. Well-known vehicles can cost thousands more than a comparable brand, even though these are good cars too.

buyung a used car expert tips


Once you have an idea of the market prices, look for insurance quotes and check car tax rates before printing your name on the bottom line and remember to add up the cost of any work that might be needed too.

If you’re going to borrow money to buy the car it’s a good idea to get loan quotes before you go out to view any cars. A general guideline is that your monthly car payment should not be more than 20 percent of your take-home pay.

To see if the cars you are looking fit your budget, check the True Market Value. TMV shows you what other people are paying for that car in your area. You can check the TVM on several web pages such as

Vehicle History

It is essentials to get a vehicle history report of the car you’re interested in buying. You can access these reports by the vehicle identification number (VIN) or its license plate. AutoCheck and Carfax are the two best-known sources for vehicle history reports. If the report is negative, you should not go any further with this car.

Test Drive and Inspection

Avoid checking the car at night or in poor light. Make sure you can see the vehicle clearly and from all angles. Misaligned panels or mismatched colors on doors, bonnet, and tailgate can indicate that the car has been repaired after a shunt. Traces of spray paint on door handles, window seals and moldings can indicate repairs too.

Once you meet the car seller, have the car inspected by a trusted mechanic. A pre-purchase inspection can save you thousands of dollars. After the inspection is done, ask for a test drive and try to simulate the conditions of your normal driving patterns.

Last, but not least try to bargain as hard as possible until you get the best price.

driving a car

Make it Look Brand New!

Now that you have your car, depending on its condition you might have considered face-lifting it or protecting its paint. Big Dog Wraps has the best solutions to your needs.

If you were able to buy the car you wanted, but its original paint is worn off, we can make it look brand new with our elegant full car wraps. Maybe its paint is “OK”, but you dream it on a different color. No problem. We can change its color to any other you wish for and even make color combinations.

If you have more in your mind and wish a unique car design, we can create custom car wraps that express your soul and spirit.

Big Dog Wraps offers car wrap solutions for all needs and preferences. Contact us today and get a free quote on your project and drive the car of your dreams.

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