Car wraps 101: Learn why the vinyl WON’T harm the car paint

Since some people are left in doubt, let’s get this straight: A car wrap is completely reversible and will not ruin your OEM manufacturers paint job. In fact, most lease companies PREFER that you fully wrap your vehicle as soon as possible because the vehicle wrap protects your paint job from harmful UV rays. Therefore, applying a full wrap to your vehicle will actually preserve the paint job, thus increasing the resale value of the vehicle. It may be necessary to pre-test your paint job prior to wrapping with vinyl. Only paint in poor condition may peel when vinyl is removed. 

Advantages of the easy removal

Vehicle Wraps can offer many benefits to business owners, and in many cases, are an extremely cost-effective way to brand and market your business. The main concern for car owners is will this form of advertising damage my paint, or my leased vehicle paint for that matter. In many cases, a vehicle wrap will actually protect the paint and upon removal, it will be like new underneath. At Big Dog Wraps & Graphics we’ll take great care in not damaging the paint on installation or removal.

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Proper size rolls and vinyl materials

Vehicle wraps are printed from 54″ wide roll usually and can wrap and cover the entire vehicle or be a partial wrap and cover only a portion of the vehicle. In truth, the vinyl film will protect the paint. The wraps can also protect against minor scrapes and scratches. When the correct quality materials are used the adhesive layer that comes in contact with the paint will not cause any damage.

Check out this video to see how the vinyl won’t harm the paint:

About the wrap installation

When a wrap is applied to a vehicle, the vehicle’s surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any debris. Then the vinyl wrap is carefully applied to the vehicle, putting a protective vinyl barrier between your vehicle’s paint and the rest of the world. When you remove your wrap from factory original painted surfaces you may find that there are significantly fewer scratches and rock chips than if you didn’t wrap your vehicle.

Not a miraculous solution

Wraps won’t protect your vehicle from accidents, dings, or other damage, and aren’t meant to be used as vehicle protection.  A wrap also should not be applied to paint that is not the factory original paint because of the chance of the wrap lifting aftermarket paint from the vehicle’s surface.



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