Clear Bra or Ceramic Coating: Which Is Best for Your Vehicle?

When looking for paint protection for the hood of your car while still keeping the hood visible, there are two main options – a clear bra or a ceramic coating. Which one should you choose? That depends, really. Both have their benefits.

Paint Protection Film

A paint protection film will protect your vehicle from environmental damage and debris that can strike your vehicle while driving. This includes small rocks kicked up by other vehicles, road debris, dirt, chemicals, and other materials. 

The film is self-healing and will keep your car pristine for many miles. Scuffs and light scratches will disappear, seemingly overnight. 

When installed by an experienced, professional, and certified installer, the film can achieve a mirror finish.

A ceramic coating on your vehicle provides an unrivaled gloss.

Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating on your vehicle provides an unrivaled gloss. It also has superior hydrophobic, or water-repelling, protection so that rain and other liquid beads and rolls off your car. It also provides improved scratch resistance, and it does all this with just a single application. 

For extra protection, a ceramic coating works great with paint protection to provide doubled-up protection for your vehicle. In fact, ceramic coating is made to work with paint protection film, so they pair wonderfully. 

Cleaning Your Car is Easy With a Ceramic Coating

The decision on which to choose comes down to your personal circumstances. If the roads you drive leave your hood pocked with rock chips, then doubling up the coating is a wise idea. In wet regions, the ceramic coating’s water-shedding properties will keep your car looking great. Both are good options for protecting your car from dusty conditions. 

To keep your car, truck, or SUV looking as good as possible, a protective coating is the way to go. 

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