Denver Hits List for Worst Traffic in U.S.

Had you noticed your drive to and from work got a little slower the past couple of years? If so, you are not alone. Traffic in Denver is getting worse; a recent study affirms it, with the average delay for a 30-minute commute during peak driving times being 18 minutes.

According to the latest research by GPS maker TomTom Navigation, Denver came in at position 22 in the US, after looking at morning and evening commutes in 200 cities around the world.

That explains why I have dreamed of driving a monster truck so many times!

A telephone survey conducted by Arbitron Inc., showed that 39% of the people interviewed agreed they were spending more time in cars as they were one year ago. While TomTom Navigation’s Study showed Denver-area drivers with a 30-minute commute average an extra 70 hours per year stuck in traffic.

Experts believed that increase in traffic means more people are working. “You can see the cities in the U.S. where the economy is going really well, you can see that in the congestion levels, for better or for worse, of course,” said Nick Cohn with TomTom (Denver Post).

The best weekly commute during peak times in Denver is Friday morning and Monday evening. The worst are Wednesday morning and Thursday evening.

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Congestion last year was up five hours on average, with drivers in America’s 10 Worst Traffic Cities wasting an average of 47 hours per year in traffic compared to 42 per year in 2012, according to a traffic congestion report card by INRIX, a data company that looks at traffic services.

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