Don’t ask for Attention. GRAB It with our Custom Wraps!

From Attention-Seeker to Attention-Getter

With a vehicle wrap and some imagination, you can attract that vast audience that is more and more spending time in their vehicles. Big Dog Graphics will help get that concept imprinted on your vehicle or fleet, so you can start getting noticed!

Red truck wrap after side view

With our vehicle wrap and graphics, you have the best tool to attract new customers on the road. Our vehicle wraps are created and installed by professionals and we have all the equipment, technology and staff available to wrap all of your company’s vehicle fleet.

Vehicle Wraps Are So Much More Effective than Car Paint Graphics

Graphic paint over another car paint is more difficult to apply, and what’s more important the end result may not be what you have hoper for. With a premium vinyl wrap, the results are precise, vivid, and exactly as visualized and presented to you before. This goes especially for lettering, where painting letters on the vehicle’s “curves“ and contours can turn out a bit awkward and the mistake is trickier to correct. But with vinyl lettering, that can be checked beforehand and make adjustments before applying.

Total Wrap or Part Wrap?

Well, this is entirely up to you, whether you prefer just lettering or logo, or just some visual pattern such as stripes.  The only difference (apart from the obvious visual effect) is that with full wrap your original car paint is completely preserved.

Advertise Your Company With Original And Unique Style

At Big Dog Wraps & Graphics, our business is all about Uniqueness. Our customers demand uniqueness and return on their investment, which is why we give our best on each project to generate outstanding results from our designs. Of course, if you have your own design we’ll work with you as a team to use it on your vehicle.

Trailer wrap gamer Z Premium Wrap


Big Dog Custom Designed Vinyl Car Wraps

Look no further than BIG DOG Wraps & Graphics to get your business, products or services the attention they deserve. As a leader in Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Graphics, Custom Vinyl & Vehicle Wrap Advertising, we help our customers generate more impressions for their company in a single month, than their yellow page ad does in an entire year. Get a free quote today! We are in Castle Rock, Colorado. Stop by our shop or contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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