Don’t Be Afraid Of Window Perf When Wrapping Your Vehicle

There is a wide range of wrap products available in the market today. They all serve different purposes and come in interesting styles. Window perf is one of the most popular vehicle wraps because of its versatility. It is suitable for all kinds of promotional campaigns, and it doesn’t cost much. If you’re looking for a marketing tool that delivers good returns, this is a great choice.

What is a Window Perf?

Window perf is a vinyl wrap with a round perforated pattern. The unique design allows one-way visibility, which means people behind the wrap can see the scenery, but others outside can’t see in. Window perf is commonly used in retail stores, salons, cafes, and restaurants, but you can use it as a full vehicle wrap as well. Here’s a look at some benefits of this product:

  • Full Wrap – You can get a full wrap and utilize every inch of space available on your vehicle, including the windows. There’s no need to break up the design or workaround different car fixtures.

    Marketing your brand with car wraps
    Visually attractive and brightly colored car wraps help your company´s vehicle stand out.
  • Increased Impact – A full vehicle wrap is visually impactful. It immediately catches the eye of people passing by, encouraging them to look at all of the details and information provided.
  • Durable – A well-installed wrap will last for around five to seven years if it is maintained well. Durability also depends on weather and driving conditions, so consult with a local wrap expert to know more.

Wrap installation can take anywhere between one and four days. It is best to install it during temperate weather that ranges from 60°F and 80°F.

Myths of Window Perf 

Some people hesitate to install a window perf on their vehicle because they have some misconceptions about this material. Here’s a look at some of the most common myths:

  • Obstructs Vision – Window perf doesn’t obstruct vision. You can see through it clearly, and there’s no compromise in visibility.
  • Blocks Natural Light – Natural light flows in without any hindrance. The perforated design of this material ensures the interiors always look bright and open.

These wraps are prone to curling if they’re not installed properly. Contact a reliable wrap company to get professional assistance. Full vehicle wrap installation requires experience and precision. Big Dog Wraps will make sure there’s no warping or bubbles underneath the vinyl. We will also make sure the wrap design is vivid, colorful, and impactful.

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