Get the Most Out of Your Vehicle With Perforated Window Vinyl

When it comes to vehicle wraps, the possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination. But what if you want to display beautiful graphics without limiting natural light or visibility? What if you have large windows that can’t be wrapped with a traditional vinyl wrap? A great alternative or add-on to full vehicle wraps are perforated window vinyl designs. Perforated window vinyl offers the same benefits as traditional window film and allows you to take advantage of the windows in your vehicle, but it also allows you to display beautiful graphics in an open-style design. Contact Big Dog Wraps today to wrap all the parts of your car!

What is Perforated Window Vinyl

Display your brand through a perforated window graphic.

Perforated window vinyl is a great way to display your brand without limiting natural light or visibility. It’s a great option for large vans that have windows, buses, and shuttles. With vehicles such as these, it can be difficult to use any other type of window film due to design and/or visibility limitations. Using perforated window vinyl in these vehicles means that you are not limiting the look or functionality of the vehicle’s windows. With this type of film on your windows, they will look just as good as they always have, but now they are advertising your brand at the same time!

This type of wrap is becoming popular as it allows ads to be seen from both sides as well as from inside the vehicle. Plus, perforated window vinyl can be created in just about any size and shape you want! And like other types of vinyl wraps, custom perforated window vinyl has many design options available, including gloss and matte finishes to suit any style. With these benefits, why would anyone not want this type of wrap?

Boost Your Brand

Perforated window vinyl is a great way to put your company logo in front of potential customers while they are driving by. Some of the benefits of perforated window vinyl include: 

  • More branding opportunities 
  • Increased safety by increasing visibility through windows
  • An opportunity for natural lighting through windows (especially useful on cloudy days)
  • Maximum exposure even when parked at night.

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