Giving your car a new look is easier than you think!

Do you like the feel of driving a new vehicle?

fighter plane car wrapYou have come to the right place. We will wrap your car in any color you like. But not only that, we can do wrap combinations in different colors and add matte effect or texture to your custom wrap! Let’s make your ride the best in town.

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A full vehicle wrap will not only give your car a new look but will also protect the original paint from the elements. So if one day you wish to sell your vehicle or want to go back to the original paint, you can rest assured that it will be intact underneath the vinyl wrap. We only use the best Vinyl technology to provide the best end result for your vehicle. We guarantee your new vehicle wrap will look just like an original paint job, but will only cost you a fraction of the paint job!

 We use only the best in cast vinyl from Avery which carries an overall warranty of 5 years. The inks are and eco-solvent ink which is rated for up to 7 years without fading or discoloring. See your BIG DOG Wrap professional for exact warranty details. Big Dog Graphics Pickup Wrap


Big Dog Custom Designed Vinyl Window Wraps & Graphics

Look no further than BIG DOG Wraps & Graphics to get your business, products or services the attention they deserve. As a leader in Vehicle Wraps, Fleet Graphics, Custom Vinyl & Vehicle Wrap Advertising, we help our customers generate more impressions for their company in a single month, than their yellow page ad does in an entire year. Get a free quote today!

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