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How Frequently Can I Replace My Car Wrap?

If you own your car and need to change the look of it, or if you’re thinking of doing so in the near future, there’s one thing you may have been wondering about but didn’t want to ask – how often can I change my car wrap? The answer isn’t a cut-and-dried yes or no, because there are many factors that affect the length of time a specific car wrap will stay looking good on your vehicle.

How Vinyl Car Wraps Are Applied

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Vinyl wraps can be re-applied as needed.

Vinyl car wraps are often applied using a wet installation process, which makes it possible to re-apply the vinyl wrap as needed. The most common reasons to change the car wrap include too much fading, damage from an accident or vandalism, and changing colors. There is no specific limit on how often you can change your car wrap, but we recommend contacting your local installer for more information about the average lifespan of vinyl car wraps in your area. When choosing the new color for your car wrap, take into consideration that metallic colors will likely need to be replaced after two years due to fading.

Changing Car Wraps – How and When?

It is important to know how often you can change your car wrap, as it will depend on your type of wrap. Sometimes, you are allowed to change the wrap as often as once a month or even more. However, if you have an adhesive vinyl or acrylic wrap, you may only be able to change the wrap every 18 months or so. This is because the adhesive vinyl and acrylic wraps are not made for frequent changes and can end up being damaged from too many changes in a short time period. Some wraps are also made with a peel-n-stick backing which means that the film can peel off from its backing with one touch. These types of wraps need to be changed less frequently due to their weaker stickiness. Other types of car wraps, like 3M Scotchcal sheets, require professional installation and cannot be removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint job.

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