How to Design the Most Effective Vehicle Wrap

These days, the most popular vehicle wraps are the ones with the most stylish designs. You can create your own car wrap design by mixing patterns with symbols, images, and words and then create it into one-of-a-kind car wrap. Of course, it needs to be fully customized, which means that you need to know all the tricks of the trade, such as the different techniques of creating this kind of wrap. In order to design the most effective vehicle wrap, there are some things to consider:

What Is the Message?

A partial vehicle wrap utilizes a portion of a vehicle’s exterior area (doors, rear panel, quarter panel) to display your logo.

Before you start wrapping the vehicle, you need to know what message you are trying to portray. It can be anything; it can be about your business, or it can simply be an art project.

Who Is Your Audience?

After knowing the message, you must consider your audience. What do they like? Decide what kind of design will be suitable for them and try to get some feedback.

What Type of Vehicle Is the Design For?

The type of vehicle is essential when considering how to design the most effective vehicle wrap. Remember to take into account the size of your vehicle. If it’s an SUV, the design should be in a large and bold style. If it’s a sedan, then you can go with flat and smooth designs. 

What Are Your Brand Aesthetics?

Your brand aesthetics will guide you through your design. It’s a good idea to think about the colors representing your business or company and then work them into your vehicle wrap design.  You may also think about the font or text typeface that you want to use. Just keep in mind that your design should be cohesive with all these features.

To learn how to design the most effective vehicle wrap, contact Big Dog Graphics today for help.

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