How to Make a Partial Vehicle Wrap Feel Like a Full Vehicle Wrap

There are many reasons why a partial vehicle wrap is more popular than a full vehicle wrap. First, partial wraps are less expensive to install. They’re also easier to install since you are only wrapping the sides of the vehicle.  Finally, a partial vehicle wrap doesn’t require the same amount of planning as full vehicle wraps.

There are also some misconceptions about partial wraps. Some people think that only the sides are being wrapped when partial wraps can be applied to all four sides or even just both sides plus the back. Another common misconception is that because not every inch of the vehicle is being wrapped, a partial vehicle wrap will look less than impressive. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Partial wraps can look just as amazing and eye-catching as full vehicle wraps if they are done right. Below you’ll find some tips on how to give that partial wrap a complete feel.

Design Tricks That Can Make a Partial Vehicle Wrap Feel Like a Full Vehicle Wrap

These types of wraps are great to get your brand moving.

For vehicles with normal-sized doors, applying a partial wrap to the doors can be very effective. Just like a full vehicle wrap, it’s usually best to have both sides of the door wrapped so that your branding isn’t interrupted when people open either side of the door. If you’re only wrapping one door, it’s important to ensure that your brand is visible on the inside of the vehicle. Many partial wraps are done on trucks and delivery vehicles, so you’ll see that many truck door partial wraps extend to the back of the door as well because the doors open into the back of the truck bed.

By adding some vinyl branding to your vehicle doors, you will not only stand out among competitors, but you’ll also have a competitive edge. 

Of course, for assistance with designing your partial vehicle wrap or your full vehicle wrap, contact the professionals at Big Dog Graphics to get started.

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