How to Make Your Vehicle Wrap Pop

Vehicle wraps are effective promotional tools. They act like mobile billboards and make an impression on pedestrians and motorists alive while they are stationary or in motion. However, you need to make sure that the wraps you design are perfect in terms of the brand message they carry, the colors, graphics, and overall style. This also means that you need to have them custom-designed based on your needs.

Design Tips for Attractive Vehicle Wraps

As mentioned, there are many different things to focus on while designing custom vehicle wraps. Here are some pointers that will help ensure that the wrap design pops:

  • The more creative and professional the design and installation, the better impressions it will make on the road.
  • Use color and contrast smartly – don’t just add bold, contrasting, and bright colors. The hues you include need to represent your brand and be in line with various visual branding materials.
  • Maintain simplicity in design, as that will display the message in a more effective way. The simpler and more concise the message, the easier it will be for pedestrians and motorists to capture it while the vehicle is in motion.
  • Include all the relevant product, service, and company information, so people remember your brand.
  • Having the wraps custom designed by experts will allow the wrap to adjust to the vehicle models, shape, and curvature.
  • The graphics need to fit the vehicle dimensions well without appearing messy.
  • The graphics and message need to be positioned at the right points on the wraps, so that they are the most visible.
  • Make sure that the vehicle wraps’ design matches your logo and brand aesthetic.

Professional Custom Vehicle Wrap Design

Consult with skilled graphic designers before finalizing your wrap design. Our experts at Big Dog Wraps will give our input, ensuring that your company’s messaging and style reflect in these applications. Custom vehicle wraps are a great way to create an excellent first impression.

Follow the maintenance tips that are recommend, as that will help maintain the appearance and condition of these surfaces. Having excellent vinyl graphics is only one aspect of installing vehicle wraps. Proper maintenance is crucial if you want to show customers that you are serious about your business. For more details, contact us us with your custom vehicle wrap requirements, and we will offer the best solutions within your budget.

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