Important Information About Pre-Installation Fleet Graphics Planning

Most vehicle graphics providers have a pre-installation plan. It isn’t only the provider who needs to be aware of the pre-installation procedure; the customer needs to know as well. Not sticking to industry standards may lead to graphics failure. Here are the basics every fleet manager should know.

What Material Should Be Used?pre-installation information for vehicle graphics

Some materials are built to conform and adhere to complex curves while others are not. Knowing the difference is important. There are an array of materials designed for particular applications. Some offer a two years warranty and others up to seven. We recommend never putting a short-term adhesive vinyl on a long-term lease or vice versa.

pre-installation information for vehicle graphicsWhere Should the Graphics Be Installed?

High-quality vehicle graphics are installed inside a temperature controlled environment where the ultimate temperature-controlled environment is 70° F with 50% humidity. For optimum results with films recommended for vehicle wrapping‚ always apply when the air and vehicle surface are both above 60° F.

Should I Remove Anything from the Vehicle?

Things like antennas, mirrors, license plates, and many times some of the trim – that may interfere with the installation – that can be removed and reinstalled without possible damage should be removed.

Does Anything Need to Be Inspected Before Installation?

pre-installation information for vehicle graphics

Dents, rust and the condition of seals and gaskets should be inspected to avoid potential adhesive failure. Adhesive vinyl graphics will not hide any pre-existing damage nor will it adhere to worn out or damaged surfaces.

How Clean Does it Need to Be?

The vehicle should be spotless, so any debris remaining on it before the application had to be removed. Films and oils may cause adhesive failure. Finally, wipe down the surface with isopropyl alcohol, and the vehicle should be thoroughly dried before installation.

By following these basics, you will improve the chances of a having professional wraps installed on your car that will last many years.

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