In Car Buying Decisions

How Do We Decide on Buying?

Understanding the way customers feel, think and react to different moments of the day and regarding specific situations or circumstances, can boost your business profits.

According to a National In Car Study, conducted by Arbitron, an international media, and marketing research firm, many of the last-minute buying decisions come, while driving or in a car.

The firm’s study shows that more than half of the people interviewed stated that in the course of a typical work week, they often shop after getting home from work or on their way home.

Also, 53% of the people who answered the telephone survey said they took the decision to go shopping earlier in the day. Nonetheless, 40%, agreed that on their way home from work – in the last minute decision they stop at a store.

Men are More Impulsive than Women

Even when –in a sexist way-, society always puts women on top of men as more volatile an impulsive when it comes to last-minute shopping, the Arbitron study illustrates that 45% of the men interviewed, answered they stop on a store on their way home. While only 31% of the women questioned, admitted they stop for a last-minute purchase.

Catching Last-Minute Customers

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