It Is Not Just a Cool Ride But, Exciting Advertisement!

We see them every day, everywhere. Different, unique, crazy and creative wraps on cars, bikes, and trucks.

Some might think it’s just to make your ride look really but, without knowing it, you are watching a great marketing opportunity drive away. Building your brand car wrap

According to Arbitron, Inc., an international media, and marketing research firm, people spend more than 15 hours per week In-carArbitron’s study shows that we spent around 11 hours during the weekdays and 4.1 hours during the weekend days, as drivers or passengers.

In today’s marketplace, getting your customers attention is harder than ever. With advertising becoming more and more expensive and less and less profit return, a custom car wrap design is an excellent marketing option. Here at BIG DOG Wraps & Graphics, our business is all about uniqueness. Our customers demand creativity and return on investment.

Our complete dedication to the success of your business is what makes us different. Our roots are in providing our customers with excellent marketing and advertising solutions. This translates directly to our client with more provocative, well thought out communication of your business, products and services.

Key Advantages of Outdoor Media

mercedes van advertising wrap

 Outdoor media reaches consumers not exposed or only lightly exposed to newspapers and local television. Also are complementary to radio campaigns. Outdoor media reaches the entire socio-economic spectrum of Americans, according to the study.

People with heavy vehicle mileage and long commutes are more difficult to reach with both the newspaper (almost one out of three Americans do not read a daily newspaper anyway) and local TV news broadcasts.

On the contrary, the study showed that virtually every American (96 percent) travels in a vehicle each week as either a driver or a passenger. With Big Dog Wraps you can capitalize on this wide range of media exposure. Our mission is to provide our clients with excellent advertising and marketing solutions.

Call Big Dog Wraps for Premium Vehicle Wraps

If you are choosing your marketing and advertising solutions based on what you get in return, there is no better option than Big Dog Wraps. We don’t play games when it comes to your vehicle wrap graphic project!

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