Less Is More in Vehicle Wrap Design

Regardless of the industry you operate in, staying ahead of your rivals can be tough. If you want to make your presence felt, you need to make additional efforts with your marketing and advertising strategies. Making an impact is about adopting a holistic approach so that you reach your audiences where they are. Apart from digital marketing techniques, you can incorporate vehicle wraps into your marketing mix.

Since your business vehicles are on the road a lot and travel to various locations, they act as mobile billboards for your business and brand. It means you get excellent value from this medium. However, if you really want to attract the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike, you must be careful of the vehicle wrap design you choose.

Get Your Vehicle Wrap Design Right

Custom Designed Vehicle Wrap in Colorado
Vehicle wrap designs are a good non-aggressive advertising strategy for your business.

Planning this well will ensure that you get your brand message across in the best possible way without being obtrusive and intrusive. Here are some tips for an excellent vehicle wrap design:

  • Include your corporate colors in the vinyl car wrap
  • Place your logo with the tag line (if you have one) at a prominent spot on the vehicle wrap.
  • Include relevant product or service-related information on the wrap
  • Look for an experienced graphic designer who is creative enough to design effective and impactful vehicle wraps for you.

Design Mistakes to Avoid

Some design errors to avoid include:

  • Overcrowding the vehicle wrap with excessive information and graphics.
  • Using unnecessarily decorative or complex fonts
  • Not selecting the right colors
  • Opting for cheap car vinyl graphics

All of these are the don’ts of vehicle wrap design. Remember that you need to make an impact, and that means the message you are conveying needs to be read quickly by motorists on the road. Less is always more in car wrap design, so keep the message crisp and use simple, clean fonts of the right size. This will ensure that the content you print is easily readable to everyone at a glance.

Always invest in high-quality car wraps as they will be durable, will not fade, and will have excellent print quality. These installations will also protect the painted surfaces from the sun’s rays and other elements. For information on how we can help with an excellent vehicle wrap design, contact us with your requirement today.

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