Great ideas for your New Year’s Resolutions

Have you ever made New Year’s Resolutions and forgot all about them by February? What if this year you print them into an open window of your home? 

Start With Easy Resolutions business card tips

    • Read a good book
    • Exercise daily
    • Eat better
    • Be kind and patient
    • Visit (insert a place you want)
    • Get offline and spend more time outdoors
    • Cook something you haven’t prepared before
    • Get rid of things you don’t need any more
    • Recycle more

You make the list
, and we can print it to go anywhere you want. It can easily go on a wall in your room or on a window at your office or home. This way, you can read it every day and be on top of your well-thought resolutions all year long.

What about a to-do list template, or a calendar to go on your favorite spot? An open window in your kitchen or home office can be a much better resource than a whiteboard. And you can easily update it as much as you want, without leaving spots, by simply using whiteboard markets.

Prints to Remind and Remember

window print in DenverWith Big Dog Wraps, the options are endless. Are you a small coffee shop owner? Let us print your menu on the wall. Do you have an empty space in the conference room at your office? Let us print the values of your company there. Do you own delivery company? Let us print a great ad on the back of your truck. Just added a new baby to your family? Let us print the decoration for his or her room. 

Everything is about creativity and imagination.
We will accommodate in accordance with your needs and taste while putting at your disposition a team of designers that will take what is in your head and transform it into the vinyl imprint of your dreams.

If you can imagine it, we can print it! 

Merry Christmas

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