Paint Protection – The Biggest Threat to Your Vehicle Paint Job

Your vehicle’s paint job is not only the easiest way to ensure that you maintain the value of your vehicle, but it’s also the most effective method. Paint Protection film, or PPF as it’s known in the industry, involves applying a strong film over your vehicle’s paint job that will protect it from some of the harshest elements out there – from salt to bugs and beyond – and keeping your car clean and pristine! Today, we’re going to tell you about some of the biggest threats to your paint job on the road and how to protect your paint job with PPF!

Paint Protection Film Applications

Paint protection film is a clear, thin sheet of vinyl that is installed over your vehicle’s painted surface for protection. Available in various colors and patterns, PFF protects vehicles from rock chips, scratches, and other paint damage. PFF helps maintain a vehicle’s value, appearance, and integrity. It’s typically used as an extra layer of paint protection to guard against scratches and scuffs on your vehicle’s exterior. PPF can be applied to nearly any exterior surface, including bumpers, hoods, fenders, doors, and mirrors. 

There are two main types of protective films: clear and colored. Clear films use a light adhesive which allows them to stick directly onto your vehicle’s paint job without causing any damage. Colored films usually require an additional step; after applying the colored film, you must apply a clear coat over top and make sure that no adhesive blocks the visibility out your  windows.

Why You Should Consider Protective Car Films

Protective car films are commonly referred to as PPF or paint protection film. While many might not know it, paint protection films have been around for decades. In fact, they have become popular in other markets before finally catching on here in North America. It’s important to note that while there are a few different types of films out there, they all serve one purpose: protecting your vehicle’s exterior from scratches and dings. A good protective film will also protect against rock chips and road debris.

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