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Paint Protection: The Biggest Threat to Your Vehicle Paint Job

Vehicles take a lot of abuse from the elements and road conditions. The paint on a vehicle is especially vulnerable to damage. That’s why paint protection is important to protect the look and the value of your vehicle. 

Vehicles lose value as soon as they drive off the dealership lot. And they continue to lose value. But that loss in value can be lessened by taking good care of the paint job through paint protection

Paint Protection

Loss in vehicle value can be lessened by taking good care of the paint job through paint protection.

A protective coating or film on your vehicle will help to protect the paint. With paint protection, your vehicle will be guarded against the dangers of getting oil or other contaminants on the paint. Depending on the durability of the chosen protection, it can also protect from rock chips. 

Debris from other vehicles or from the road is a hazard to your vehicle’s paint job. Applying a protective coating is necessary to ensure your paint job lasts as long as possible. 

Vinyl Options

One way to protect the original paint of the vehicle is to cover it entirely in a vinyl vehicle wrap. This will protect your paint while also allowing you to change the color of the car. The vinyl is removable, so you can return the vehicle to its original color when you choose. This can help with resale value, since the paint will be protected under the vinyl. It’s also a relatively inexpensive way to change the color of your vehicle in a non-permanent way. 

Often, drivers have no control over what will hit the vehicle while on the road. This is especially true of debris which can chip the paint. The solution is to protect the vehicle as much as possible. This is why paint protection is so important, especially when trying to maintain the look and value of your vehicle. 

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