Personalize Your Vehicle With a Custom Color Paint Wrap

When you customize your vehicle with a custom color paint wrap, you are your own personal brand. You have unique style and personality. Customize your vehicle to reflect that with full color paint wrap colors and textures like matte or gloss to make your car stand out from the crowd as the most personalized vehicle on the road.

Get Inspired by Our Examples

Color paint change vinyl wrap on Corvette

Find inspiration by checking out our gallery of color paint wraps. You can see different color schemes, textures, and styles that you may have never considered before. We have got them all right here. Make your car look brand new again, in a color that perfectly matches your style and personality. Want to go wild? Try a vibrant matte blue with white racing stripes down both sides of your car! Or go with a textured paint wrap to give it texture and interest; it will make people take notice as you drive by.

Hire a Professional for Your Wrap

Having an expert do your color paint wrap can make all of the difference. Hiring a pro will ensure that your vehicle turns out exactly how you envision it. While DIY wraps can often be more affordable, there’s a big difference between custom work and amateur work. And in wrapping, as in most things, you get what you pay for. A pro has spent years perfecting their skills and honing their craft, making them well worth any extra expense.

Contact us today at Big Dog Wraps for your paint correction needs or to get a full color paint wrap!

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