Prevent The Sun From Damaging Your Car

As soon as the sun begins to intensify this time of the year, we go out and see if we can (gradually!) catch some UV rays and get a nice tan to show off this summer.

However, we all know how dangerous UV rays are to our skin and health, so we need to be very careful to not overexpose ourselves to the sun. Basic cares can allow us to enjoy the outdoors without taking a high risk.

Simple things like wearing a hat, sunscreen or simply avoiding midday sun rays, can protect us from the sun.vehicle wraps isoride Colorado

Believe it or not, a similar situation happens with our cars. Cars suffer a lot from sun heat because they are constantly outside, parked under the sun for hours, damaging little by little the car on the inside and outside.

How to Protect your Car From the Sun?

The best you can do in order to avoid UV rays from damaging your car is parking it inside a garage. However, this may not be an option for you if you are just like many of us, who have to take your car every day to work and finding a parking space is never easy. In that case, you can try the following tips to protect your car from the sun.

The inside of your car is a potential oven! According to the State Farm Vehicle Research Facility, sunlight can gradually fade interior components such as upholstery. Plus, on a hot day, surface temperatures in your car can surpass 195 degrees.

Leaving one or two windows just a little bit open can prevent heat from increasing inside your car. You can also try tinting the windows. Some say it can help block harmful rays and cut the heat as much as 20 degrees. However, I couldn’t find any information that confirmed this statement.

A useful tip to protect your car’s paint is using traditional car wax, after washing it. This could be considered as using a sunscreen on your skin. Nonetheless, just like the sunscreen, the wax will wear off after a while, when exposed to the elements.

There are some products similar to a paint sealant. These synthetic products go on and protect much like car wax, but it is designed to hold up longer, especially in the rain.

The Best Solutionfull car wrap Colorado Big Dog

Those are all good ideas to protect your car from suffering sun damages however, none of these are 100% efficient.

The only real UV protection for your car is a car wrap and Big Dog Car Wraps is your best option in Colorado and Nationwide. With our unique high-quality vinyl car wraps, you will be able to block environmental factors completely.

The best part is that with Big Dog Wraps and Graphics you can have a full paint car wrap, but also wear a unique, creative, amazing custom car wrap design on your vehicle.

We use only the finest brand name premium types of vinyl in the marketplace with an advanced printing technology that means you get a premium, high-gloss finish that emulates a custom paint job.

Wrap your car, truck, boat, motorcycle, ATV, jet ski, and anything else to your liking and protect them from the summer sun with Big Dog Wraps. Call us today and get a free quote on your project.

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