Quality Custom Vinyl Wrap for Food Trucks and Mobile Shops

Food Truck Vehicle wraps are an excellent way to advertise your brand and display information related to the products/foods you are selling. Vinyl graphics for mobile shop, when designed and installed well, can be attractive and impactful.

They help to boost your business and make your logo and brand more visible. This becomes a highly affordable way to advertise and market your goods. Since the wraps are installed on your vehicle, they become a mobile advertising tool that offers excellent return on investment.

Food Truck Vehicle Wraps to Boost Profitability

While it’s important to have good quality delectable foods in your mobile shop, sometimes it takes more than that to increase sales and build a brand. Word of mouth is important, but it is also crucial to keep your brand in the limelight. Today, even prominent food brands and chains spend huge sums of money on maintaining visibility in the market.

As a smaller brand, you need to focus on marketing and advertising too. Not everyone has the huge advertising budget that big brands have, and you don’t need to either. When you invest in vehicle wraps, you get excellent value for money. These act like mobile billboards, and that means you can get better brand visibility at very low cost.

Vinyl Graphics for Mobile Shop – The Design Considerations

These are some do’s and don’ts of designing vinyl graphics for mobile shops:

  • Choose between full and partial vehicle wraps depending on the design concept and styling.
  • Look for something creative, inviting, and bold.
  • Select colors that showcase the foods you sell correctly.
  • Make sure to include your logo and shop name prominently in the graphics.
  • If you have a large mobile shop, you can opt for a partial wrap.
  • Do not crowd the design with too much information. Keeping the graphics simple and text to the point will make the vehicle more attractive.
  • Use good-sized fonts, so that the information and name are easily visible from afar.
  • The logo and information should be placed correctly, so that it doesn’t get blocked when the doors/windows are open or when it’s closed up and in motion.

Contact reputable professionals like us at Big Dog Wraps for high-quality solutions. We offer the best services and design unique and attractive food truck vehicle wraps to attract the breakfast, lunch, and dinner crowds. Our team will also handle installation on your fleet and offer useful maintenance tips.

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