Roof and Hood Wraps for Your Vehicle

When it comes to your vehicle, do you have any special little details that make it unique to your personality? Maybe you like to add a little extra flair with some vinyl wraps and graphics. Now, your car can be as flashy or subtle as you want it to be, thanks to the wide variety of roof and hood wraps available at Big Dog Wraps. If you’re looking for new ways to jazz up your car and personalize it according to your own unique tastes, look no further than Big Dog’s line of vinyl wraps!

What Are They?

There are a variety of ways to personalize your vehicle. Adding customized hood graphics or roof wraps can be a great way to add visual details that make your car unique to your personality. It doesn’t have to be simple either; there are many options available when it comes to wrapping your car, including stripes, bug shields, or anything else you can think of. Customization is one of the best things about owning a car, so why not take advantage?

Different Types of Hood and Roof Wraps

There are three basic types of vinyl graphics to choose from: rigid, flat, and curved. Some vehicle wraps involve applying a material that’s flexible yet slightly stretchy, which adds an extra layer of protection to your car’s finish. The one thing they all have in common is that they won’t crack or peel off when you wash your car.

Important Things to Consider When Getting a Hood or Roof Wrap

For many car owners, getting a roof or hood wrap isn’t simply a matter of throwing on a vinyl decal. There are important details to consider when selecting your custom wrap. Consider these aspects before you make a decision: 

  • What is my budget? 
  • How much do I want to spend? 
  • Are there any design elements I want included in my wrap? 
  • What kind of vehicle am I wrapping? 
  • How long will it take me to install my new graphics? 
  • Can I install them myself or will I need help from a professional installer? 
  • Do I want a permanent or removable wrap?

Top Benefits of Getting a Roof or Hood Wrap for Your Vehicle

Are you looking to add style, flair, or personalization to your vehicle? Then roof and hood wraps might be right for you. While many people overlook these as possibilities, there are many reasons to consider getting a roof or hood wrap on your vehicle.

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