Should I get a Vinyl Wrap for my New Car?

Like many things in life sometimes we are judged by our weakest link! That is the case with vehicle wraps as well. Some of the vehicle wraps you see out there, you noticed them because they were “shitty”. There are two reasons why you would notice a vehicle wrap, the good & and the bad. On the good side, a top of the line vehicle wrap can give textures and prints ordinary paint couldn’t pull off. That’s when you would go ” Wow, that is one awesome vehicle wrap!”.  But on the other hand, many of work you notice out on the road is because it is poorly done and looks terrible.

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With that said should you get a Custom Big Dog Vehicle wrap for your new car? Absolutely!

When you add a vinyl wrap you will add a vacuum packed shield from the harsh elements and incidentals. When applied properly a vehicle wrap will not attract any attention because it will look like it came that way from the factory. Another plus is you can change the wrap if you wanted to go another direction with the color, at a fraction of what a new paint job would cost you.

Protect your new car or vintage classic from hail and road salts today with a Big Dog Wrap today, and protect your pride and joy. Let us protect the things you love by doing what we love, a great vehicle wrap on a great car!!

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