Storefront Window Graphics Benefits In Colorado

Most of the time people look at Window Graphics for a few seconds. And cluttering it up with too much text or information won’t help. Your central goal is to grab the potential customer’s attention and make them want to come inside. More than driving store traffic, window graphics offer these benefits:

window graphics by Big Dog Graphics in Colorado

Because window graphics are relatively inexpensive, you can keep them up for longer periods of time, or you can change them frequently to promote specials, depending on your business needs. How long they last really depends on your location, and how long the sun is beating on the graphic. Big Dog Graphics recommends changing them every year or so. You don’t want your window graphics to become just another part of the landscape. Changing them yearly or so helps the storefront always looks fresh and exciting, increasing the chances to attract attention.

No Permits

Many cities require permits to put up signage outside a store. This often involves paying a fee and getting approval from a city department and neighbors. Window graphics usually do not require any permission to place, except maybe from a landlord.

window graphics by Big Dog Graphics in ColoradoShade and Privacy

Some window graphics offer shade from sunlight, helping to keep cooling costs down in the summertime. Plus, depending on the size and type, they also provide some degree of privacy to your in-store shoppers.

Provide Direction

Let a window graphic give the message to help customers. Things like push or pull a door will guide them to act in the correct way. You do not want to is frustrate a potential customer before she even walks through the door.

window graphics by Big Dog Graphics in ColoradoPromote Special Offers

You can only do so much advertising through social networking sites, in newspapers, and on other sorts of media. Give your marketing job an extra boost with custom window graphic that makes the public curious about what your products or services, the latest deals, and much more.

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