4th of July Car Shows

So, your car is ready, it is all tuned up and its wrap graphics looking amazing. Now, the question is: Where should I go for a ride? Well, if you still have no plans for next Monday 4th of July, the Big Dog Wraps’ family has a few suggestions for you. That’s right! Next Monday is […]

Big Dog Wraps Celebrates Women’s Equality Day!

August is a special month for American History Next Wednesday August 26th, we celebrate 95 years of human rights and gender equality. We remember and commemorate the granting of the vote to women throughout the country. Sometimes we forget and take for granted our social rights and guarantees, but back in the day women had […]

Honor Our Fallen Heroes With Big Dog Wraps

During this month our hearts are full of sympathy, pride, tender thoughts and condolences to our fallen heroes. We rise up in gratitude to all women and men who have given their lives for their country and us. Today, the Big Dog family joins the celebrations and invites everyone to gather up in tribute and […]

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