Taking Care of Your New Vehicle Wrap

A new vehicle wrap can be the perfect way to make your car, truck, or van stand out from the crowd and increase your visibility on the road. It’s also easier to apply than you might think – with professionals like us at Big Dog Wraps, you can have your vehicle wrapped and made to look brand new! But once it’s installed, there are still plenty of things you should and shouldn’t do with it to ensure it lasts as long as possible and doesn’t lose its effectiveness over time.

About Vehicle Wraps After Installation

A car wrap needs to be taken care of by professionals.

If you’re considering new vehicle wraps for your company vehicle, you’ve probably researched the benefits. Perhaps you’ve even looked into how much an annual vinyl wrap with two or three retouched locations would cost. But, there’s one aspect that we haven’t discussed yet- taking care of your investment. Regardless if it’s on the road 24/7 or sitting in your parking lot being handled by strangers and subjected to harsh weather conditions, a wrap needs to be taken care of and taken off properly when done using proper installation methods to ensure it has as long a life as possible. With so many variables that can affect a vinyl wrap both inside and outside of its intended use, here are some general tips that will help prolong its lifespan.

Expert Advice for Cleaning Vehicle Wraps

Take a clean cloth and use it to apply a carnauba wax-based product to the wrap. Apply the wax in a circular motion and repeat until you’ve covered the entire surface. Wipe away any excess with another cloth and let the carnauba wax dry. Rinse off your vehicle’s windshield, then use warm water and soap to rinse your car’s exterior. Use a sponge or soft cloth to wash down all surfaces with gentle motions, including your vehicle wrap, then rinse well with fresh water. Towel dry with towels until completely dry, then buff off any remaining water spots using an old towel or chamois leather. If you don’t have a power washer, try using hot soapy water and dishwashing liquid. Spray the solution on the dirty area and scrub with a sponge until bubbles start forming. Once they do, rinse off your vehicle by hosing it down from both sides; this will remove dirt from seams where dirt tends to accumulate most easily. Repeat as necessary for tough stains or grimey areas around joints.

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