Taking Care Of Your New Vehicle Wrap

If you have installed a wrap on your vehicle, it is a good option and an excellent investment. These wraps not only uplift the appearance of the car but will also protect the original paint. It is a great way to change your vehicle’s look, and many commercial property owners even opt for new vehicle wraps. They use it as a mode of advertising, and it is an extremely efficient way to extend your brand reach.

About Vehicle Wraps

custom vinyl graphics
Wraps can be easily repaired, so your ride keeps looking hot!

There is a wide range of vehicle wraps available, and you can choose from partial or full wraps. When it comes to colors, graphics, textures, and effects, the options are truly endless. You can create the kind of brand impact that you want.

Skilled graphic designers work with you to create custom designs to get the kind of wraps that will be a true reflection of your brand and help in advertising. However, there are certain car wrap maintenance aspects that you need to keep in view.

How to Clean your New Vehicle Wraps

As mentioned earlier, if you maintain your vehicle wrap well, it will last for many years and still look good. Here are some basic things to follow while cleaning the vinyl coating:

  • Before you get the wrap cleaned, ensure that there are no vulnerable spots along the seams or other areas. Get those fixed before you start with cleaning the vehicle.
  • You do not have to worry about waxing the surfaces as the vinyl has a specific texture that remains good just with plain washing
  • Make sure that the car is always only hand-washed. Pressure washing will only affect the finish of the vinyl and its coating.
  • A plain water pre-rinse is crucial to remove any caked-on dirt.
  • After that, a simple sponge towel should be used to rub the surface. This process will help maintain the brightness of the colors and the vividness of the graphics, extending your custom auto wrap’s lifespan.

If you follow these tips diligently, you will find that the vinyl wraps will last for many years, which will increase your return on investment. Always invest in the best quality vinyl wrap products and get professionals to handle the installation for you. You can contact the experts at Big Dog Wraps for more tips and pointers on car wrap maintenance. They will provide you with all the information you want.

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