Vehicle Wraps Have the Highest Message Recall Rate

Did you know vehicle wraps have the highest message recall rate? Well they do, and this means they also have the highest Return on Investment (ROI) of any other advertisement campaign out there today. Vehicle wraps can be purchased in many different ways, but with long-term results like these, it’s hard to justify just about any other way to go about marketing your company.

Vehicle Wraps: Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Because vehicle wraps increase brand recognition and generate better recall than other forms of advertising, they are some of the most powerful marketing tools available to business owners. Because vehicle wraps can be personalized with your company’s logo, contact information, and tagline, they help promote lasting brand awareness while subtly promoting a sense of professionalism, trustworthiness, and reliability. Vehicle wraps also make a strong impression on those that see them – especially if you design custom graphics that feature your company’s logo or slogan.

Vehicle Wraps: Cost-Effective and Eye-Catching

Vehicle wraps cost a fraction of other marketing methods.

Vehicle wraps cost a fraction of other marketing methods. When you consider that traditional out-of-home advertising methods such as print, TV, and radio can cost $15–$40 per thousand impressions (CPM), vehicle wraps can be extremely cost effective. A quality wrap should last three to five years — and potentially much longer with a good wrap company like Big Dog Wraps. A quick return on investment makes vehicle wraps a great option for any company looking to create brand awareness in their local market or nationwide.

Vehicle Wraps Return on Investment (ROI)

We measure a vehicle wrap ROI in many ways; one way is how many impressions they get a day. A vehicle wrap gets more than any other type of advertisement. In fact, there have been studies that show they have between two to ten times more message recall rate than other types of ads (billboards, newspaper ads, online ads, etc.) This means that not only do people remember what company or service you offer but your logo and call to action will stay in their minds for a longer period of time.

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