Vehicle Wraps Then and Now

Vehicle wraps have come a long way since they started popping up in Europe during the 90s

The vinyl industry has come up with specialized techniques and machinery to manufacture a product that will apply and stick to a vehicle. Another great improvement has been the ink and pigments used in Vehicle Wrap printing. Nowadays, a vinyl wrap lasts longer and the colors remain bright and vivid even under intense weather conditions. Like anything automotive, maintenance is the key. This allows us to go even further when it comes to pushing the boundaries of what can be printed.

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Back in the 90’s people started thinking how could you use a car’s surface without having to alter the original paint and also be able to sell the car afterward. That’s how vinyl wraps came to be. And that remains one of its main goals today. For business or pleasure, you can go as over the top as you want, knowing that the vehicle’s paint is safeguarded underneath.

We use only the best in cast vinyl from Avery which carries an overall warranty of 5 years. The inks are and eco-solvent ink which is rated for up to 7 years without fading or discoloring. See your BIG DOG Wrap professional for exact warranty details.


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Big Dog Wraps & Graphics uses only the finest brand name premium types of vinyl in the marketplace. Our advanced printing technology means you get a premium, high-gloss finish that emulates a custom paint job. Our company is your source of high quality, creative and affordable vehicle wrap solutions. We create custom designed vinyl car wrap graphics that express our customers’ image, services, and products, from small start-up businesses to large corporate franchises in Colorado Springs CO. Come check us out personally or contact us online for a free quote for your fleet graphics and wraps. We are located at 735 Park St. Unit F, Castle Rock, CO 80109. However, if you cannot come to us we’ll come to you. You can also call us at 303-353-1101. We will also help you with the rest of the process using only the best of materials.


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