Visual Branding Solutions for Your Business

Visual branding solutions come in many forms, with many of those options possible with large format printing.

There are many options for visual branding. Some of these include promotional banners, signage, paper prints, vehicle wraps, and window graphics.  

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Visual branding solutions come in many forms, with many of those options possible with large format printing.

Large Format Printing

With a large format printer, there are nearly unlimited options for your printed branding. Prints five feet wide are possible, with a length of many times that, since the material comes on a roll. The prints can then be tiled together, making billboard-sized visual branding solutions entirely possible. 

Prints that span the full length of a store will create an impressive statement. For smaller spaces, standalone pop-up banners are great for attracting attention. 

One of the great things about wide format printers is the range of materials that can be used with them. Tear-resistant materials are great for reusable posters. Canvas gives prints a feeling of being fine art, and perforated materials are great for putting up in windows. 

Big Dog: Your Branding Resource

When you get your large format printing and visual branding done at Big Dog, you’ll get all this and more. 

Big Dog ensures that only the highest quality materials are used. Staying up to date means making use of the latest technology so that you get the highest quality product possible. 

A high-quality product isn’t just about the materials, though. It’s also about the people who produce the work. At Big Dog, we have a crew of skilled designers to create your printed materials and make them look amazing. Manufacturers know their equipment inside and out and put the utmost care into making sure each job looks as good as it possibly can. And our installers know the best methods to make sure your printed materials look great on location. 

All of this combined results in your printed materials having the highest possible impact, which in turn helps to give you the maximum amount of brand recognition. 

Need to make an impact with your printed materials? Get in touch today. 

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