What to Include in Your Fleet and Vehicle Wraps

When designing your fleet and vehicle wraps, it is essential to recognize what information you need. The design has to achieve a specific goal; advertising, promotions, sales, and other functions. Therefore, you need to include some information to meet these functions. Additionally, you have to ensure that your brand stands out and people can easily recognize it.

Information Needed in a Vehicle Wrap

A well-designed vehicle wrap stands out and makes a good impression.
  • Text: Text is a necessary part of a vehicle wrap. It outlines the primary purpose of the vehicle wrap. For example, the text could pass the information on a sale, promotion, and discounts.
  • ¬†Imagery: Images break the monotony of text. Additionally, they draw the attention of users. Images are therefore crucial for fleet and vehicle wraps.
  • Logo: This is one of the most important parts of vehicle and fleet wraps. The logo is necessary for brand recognition and awareness. Therefore, the logo plus the name of the business should always appear.
  • Contact Information: And finally, contact information is necessary for fleet and vehicle wraps. The contact info will help anyone who sees your promotional wraps identify you quickly.

What to Avoid

  • Complex Designs: Complex designs will confuse users and work against brand recognition. Instead, keep your fleet and vehicle wrap designs simple.
  • Too Much Information: Vehicles move, which means that people will only have a few minutes to get information. Too much information on your fleet and vehicle wraps will overwhelm users, making it hard to grasp any information from the design.
  • Contradicting Information or Designs: And finally, ensure that your fleet and vehicle wraps have a consistent message, information, and designs. Differences confuse users and undo the efforts of brand recognition. Therefore, ensure that you eliminate any inconsistencies.


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