Where to Drive This Fall?

Car lovers, fans and enthusiasts are always looking for an excuse to head out on a road trip, anything that provides us the chance to cruise for a while on our car. The destination and road conditions are factors of huge importance. Ideally, we would like to drive over a nice, scenic road.

Well, this is one of the best times of the year to choose a road in Colorado and enjoy the magical, nature show that the wilderness has to offer this fall.

Fall in Colorado is an astonishing symphony of colors and textures and it’s an incomparable opportunity to visit state parks and enjoy foliage displaying at its best.

Many state parks are located along some of the most scenic drives in Colorado, providing the perfect landscape for a weekend getaway to enjoy Colorado’s fall splendor.

Don’t waste any time, pack your camera, snacks and everything you need and choose one from the numerous scenic roads of Colorado. Here are some of the best scenic drives to enjoy fall and its color show.

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Scenic Drives

Up the I-70 Corridor

During the fall months, the drive up the I-70 corridor from Denver to Glenwood Springs is an unparalleled trip through the heart of the Rockies. Golden aspens paint the landscape on your way to Sylvan Lake, Rife Falls, Rifle Gap and Harvey Gap state parks.

Pikes Peak to River Country

As you drive from Colorado Springs to Buena Vista, golds, reds and oranges will guide your way to the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. Enjoy incredible views at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Mueller State Park, Eleven Mile State Park and Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.

The Forests of Northern Colorado

Experience the beauty of Colorado’s timberland beginning just 75 miles west of Fort Collins. State Forest, Steamboat Lake and Pearl Lake state parks beckon visitors to take a weekend away from the city. Find fall in the forest amid quiet paths covered in pine needles.

Autumn in the Canyons

Located near the Denver metro area, Golden Gate Canyon State Park and Eldorado Canyon State Park each provide a spectacular display of the annual fall gold rush. The two parks are about 30 miles apart, allowing fall color fans to visit both parks on the same day.

Grand Mesa Trip

Fall brings crimson splashes and splatters of saffron to the valleys and mountains of Grand Mesa. The mild climate encourages a variety of wildlife to wander in the dense forests of the area.

These are only 5 ideas from the wide range of scenic roads Colorado has to offer. Take advantage of this great time of the year and enjoy fall like never before. Remember to check road conditions and tuning up your car before sitting behind the wheel.

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