Will Your Vehicle Wrap Survive the Weather?

Tips for winter wrap care for your vehicle graphics in Denver and Castle Rock ColoradoAs is with cars, vehicle wraps are very often exposed to different weather conditions. Sometimes these may be harsh and last longer than anticipated, but the real question that many car owners ask is – are wraps durable enough to survive all weather conditions?

Not All Wraps Are Created Equal

At Big Dog Wraps and Graphics, we only use Avery Dennison premium cast vinyl and always add an extra protection with Avery cast laminate. This means a high-quality product, with higher protection for a longer period of time. But the truth is that no matter how good the quality of a vinyl paper is, it is always necessary to take care of it, especially in the winter. Salt used to melt the ice on the road can harm your Custom Graphic Wraps if not removed in a short amount of time, but if you follow these tips you can protect your vehicle and enjoy your wrap design for much longer.

Use the Right Tools to Remove the Salt

jeep and car wraps in coloradoTools like ice scrapers and snow shovels can seriously harm a vehicle wrap and even worse, scratch your vehicle. On the other hand, a sponge, towel, or broom are great for removing snow from your car.

Wash Your Car and Avoid Waxing It

Never let salt accumulate on your vehicle, it is very corrosive and it can seriously damage your wrap. It is recommended that you wash your car with a good soap and lots of water, but avoid waxing it -during the winter- since it will make it easier for the salt to stick to your vehicle’s exterior. When washing your car, pay special attention to those places where snow can accumulate, like wheel wells.

By following these simple tips, you can help your vehicle wrap to last longer and also prevent any type of damage to your car’s original paint. Contact us today, and let us show you why we are the best vehicle wrap installing and design company in Colorado. We are sure that you will be one of our many satisfied customers. Also, ask for our advertising options!

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