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Window Wraps: The Perfect Way to Communicate with Customers

Window wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to get your customers’ attention, but it takes more than just slapping up some stickers and calling it good! Window wraps can attract new clients while showing off your work to existing ones, making them an excellent addition to any marketing strategy. Here are our best tips on how to utilize window wraps to their fullest potential.

Start With Great Images

Don’t forget that your images are what will grab customers, so it’s important to have ones that aren’t grainy or blurry. Think about different ways of displaying your product and get a variety of photos so you can display them in a rotating banner on your window. This is another great place for high-quality images as well. Take a few from different angles and closeups if you want customers to see how products work and fit together.

Make Your Logo Stand Out

When it comes to retail, nothing is more important than your logo. It’s what draws in customers and keeps them coming back for more — which is why having a visually-appealing logo design is so critical. And if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to boost sales, consider ordering some window wraps or decals for your storefront.

Where to Place Your Message

Window wraps are a great way to promote products and services, though they don’t all have to be retail advertisements. Any business, large or small, can benefit from displaying its name and logo on storefront windows. For example, doctors’ offices often put their names in front of their building, so that passersby can easily find them if they need urgent care in between work or other appointments.

Promote Seasonal Items

It’s summer, which means it’s swimsuit season — and chances are, you have some great suits you want your customers to know about. Your storefront window is a great place to hang them. Whether they’re printed photos or actual items on display, seasonal promotions like these can increase sales for months. And don’t forget about your company logo and website — if you give them enough room, your window wraps can also be a high-impact medium for advertising your business.

Use Contrasting Colors

Designing a full window wrap is an amazing way to draw attention and tell a story about your products or services. If you’re working with clothing brands, for example, it’s vital that you use colors that complement each other — but if you’re trying to tell customers about your business at large, it can be valuable (and fun!) to experiment with contrasting colors. With many colors available on clear vinyl film, there are endless possibilities when designing full-size window wraps! Contact us at Big Dog Wraps today for a quote!

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