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Wrapping Odd Shaped Vehicles and Objects

If you’re a business owner or a marketer, you will know how important having an effective marketing strategy can be for growth and success. Part of effective marketing involves creating a strong brand identity to build brand awareness. 

Get your company car wrapped to make a strong visual impact on your target audience.  

Vehicle graphics are the perfect way to promote your business and place your branding in front of your customers. They’re easy to create and can be extremely powerful and visually impactful. They are a great way to promote your business without spending a fortune on paid advertising, so vehicle graphics are available for you to use even if you currently have a small budget for marketing. You can use them to convey your brand’s identity and values, as well as promote any upcoming launches that you have. 

The challenge comes with wrapping odd shaped vehicles. When your company cars have irregular shapes, it’s hard knowing where to put your logo or which side of the vehicle to place your important text. Examples of odd-shaped vehicles include tow trucks, motorcycles, trailers, and drag racer cars. 

Finding the Best Ways of Wrapping Odd Shaped Vehicles

When it comes to producing engaging and unique wrap for your unusually shaped company cars and trucks, you need to consider the best ways to make use of any hard edges, breaks, curves, and odd shapes. Think about what smaller images and graphics can be included to bring your vehicle together. Try creating interesting images that reflect your brand yet look cohesive and clean when placed next to each other on your oddly shaped vehicles. 

For expert advice on wrapping odd shaped vehicles for your business, Contact Big Dog Wraps today. We provide professional, custom-made vehicle wraps for your company cars or trucks to enhance your brand awareness and boost your business’ success. 

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