Best Season for Business Promotions

Running a business requires a lot of research, a lot of attention of your target audience, customer service, and intuition.

One of the most common struggles business advertisers face is, when to make the move and launch a  seasonal promotion? No matter where you are and what kind of business you run, every single advertising agency will tell you that timing is everything.

Even when you feel uncomfortable and have probably heard people complaining before, a lot of businesses launch successful early holiday promotions. In fact, it seems that every year they begin earlier.

However, regardless of the time period you decide to launch your promotion, the difference between succeeding and failing in your offer is the knowledge you have about your target audience. Probably these companies par their timing with what their audience wants.

vehicle wrap in Denver - big dog wrapsGood Timing

Before planning any special offer or season promotion, you need a good target audience research in order to understand your faithful and potential customers. Analyze the time of the year, your customers’ habits and income. Then, compare it and level it with your business products and services.

Depending on their income and budget, many consumers like to start their shopping early so they can spread out their spending. In fact, over 40% of shoppers do their holiday shopping before Halloween. This way they will have enough time to arrange financially.

If your business offers, inexpensive services, and products, it will be easier for people to make their decision and might be even more impulsive. On the other hand, if you sell expensive items like cars or cruise tours through the Pacific, people will require more time not only to save money but also to make the decision because there is a high financial risk.

In these cases, it is better to launch a holiday promotion with enough time, so people have a wider time frame to rearrange their budget.

Year Round Holiday Promotions

With the accurate approach, any time of the year could be exploited with a holiday promotion. The trick lies in knowing your target audience. Of course, there are holidays the work better and could be applied to almost anything. Here are some of them:

promote with premium vehicle wraps at Big DogFebruary

Valentine’s Day is an excellent day to make people spend money. You can encourage people turning the eyes towards your business by sending love letters and special promotions or gift cards.


April’s Fool Day is a great time to become creative and launch a crazy promotion. Usually, they work pretty well.


Of course, Halloween is a must. Every year is more and more popular, not only with kids, but adults are spending a lot of money during this time of the year. Trick or treating, costume parties, horror movies, any activity you can think of, will require spending bucks.

Immediately after, follows a line of big holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. And then, back to Valentines Day. So, as you can see it’s pretty much a year full of options and opportunities to launch effective promotions and boost your business profits. We didn’t even mention Father’s or Mother’s day.

Just take your time and study the business environment. Going too early could be just as bad as starting too late. Read your target audience, treat them well and give them what they want, when they need it.

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