Get Noticed in Snowy Roads with a Car Wrap

When we are about to buy a new car, color is an important part of our decisions. If reselling it after a while is an option, color matters even more. Plus if you have to consider safety features and a car that’s appropriate for the whole family, then the decision becomes major. We have addressed safety and features to consider in a family car. Now, we’ll talk about color. There are some studies that analyze the correlation between the car color and accidents rates. There are some interesting numbers that could help us pick up the best color for our car.

mustang_green_striping3Car Color and Incidents

It is very important to understand that a car crash involves a lot of aspects such as speed, road conditions, weather, driving experience, vehicle’s safety features and the influence of alcohol and drugs, just to mention a few. However, depending on the weather conditions, the time of the day, and the background scenery, car colors can add or subtract to the chances of having an accident.

The effect of color black in car accidents

Police data on car accidents plus some studies such as the 2007 report from the Monash University Accident Research Centre suggest that black vehicles, are harder to see as they do not always stand out against the road or background scenery.

During daylight hours, black cars were up to 12% more likely to be involved in crashes than white vehicles. At dawn and dusk, when the light is poor, the figure went up to 47%.

White is believed to be the safest car color when it comes to avoiding accidents, as it stands out best in almost any circumstance or weather condition, with the big exception of snow.

White & red mini car wrapCool solution to car color problems in Denver

Of course, we can’t change our car color every time summer or winter is about to begin or end. You would a car for each season. And if you live in Denver, the weather can be pretty unpredictable most of the year. Fear not, we have a perfect and affordable solution for car color problems…

If you love your white car and snowstorms are threading of making it invisible to others, consider installing a color car wrap.

It is an excellent way to protect your car’s original paint from the freezing weather. Make any color vehicle more visible by adding new color with a car wrap without changing your vehicle’s original paint. If you don’t want to change the car color completely, you can design a custom car wrap it with some stylish lines or stripes. Talk about being seen! Now you can have the color and the style you want on the car you want, while protecting the original paint.

Don’t think it twice. Avoid snow or any other weather condition from making your car riskily invisible to others with a cool and elegant car wrap. Drive safely and get noticed!

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